Friends of the Plymouth Pound
                                                      An All Volunteer Animal Welfare Organization

                   Mailing Address: P.O. Box 578 Manomet, MA  02345           Telephone: 508-224-6651 

          Adoption Center: Kingston Collection Mall  Kingston, MA  02364    Hours: Daily 10:00 am-12:00 pm, 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
"Creating Forever Homes"
             Since 1984    


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                            Donations are Welcomed and greatly appreciated


We do not receive any federal or state funding to cover the cost of veterinarian care, supplies or other expenses for the animals in our adoption program. We are a 100% donation funded organization.

                                                HOT CARS KILL!!!

 NEVER LEAVE your pet in a hot car. Even with the windows cracked it takes less than 10 minutes on an average 80 degree day for the interior temperature of your vehicle to reach  above 100 degrees! At this point, your pets health is at risk. Extended periods of time in a heated vehicle can cause heat stroke.  Symptoms of heat stroke can include severe panting, difficulty breathing, vomiting, disorientation EVEN DEATH if not treated immediately. The best way to prevent such a horrific tragedy is to leave your pets at home during hot weather.

If you see a pet locked in a hot car, please contact your local Police Dept. or Animal Control Dept. as soon as possible.

    We are seeking volunteers for all shifts to assist with the care of the cats at our adoption center. AM & PM hours available.
               Click on the Volunteer Tab for full details.

A Big Thank You to our Dog Walk Sponsor!

 Want to help with fundraising, but don't have the time? See details below.

You shop, Amazon gives! Amazon will donate a percentage of the proceeds from your purchases to Friends of the Plymouth Pound whenever you shop with Amazon Smile. Show your support by doing your shopping at - the more you shop, the more you help a homeless animal in need. 

    Go to Goodshop and sign up for free to help support Friends of the Plymouth Pound. Goodshop has the best shopping deals on the internet. Choose from hundreds of stores you already shop. You don't just save, you also give!

                                    Shop, Save, Give...It's that Easy!


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  Give to animals in need by making a gift certificate donation to Friends of the Plymouth Pound, and we will use your gift for much-needed vaccines, spay & neutering and other pet care essentials. Go to - under the Product Category (on the left) scroll down & click on Gift Certificates. (bottom of list)
           Two Ways to Give to Friends of the Plymouth email or paper gift certificate.

Email gift certificate to:

Mail gift certificate to: Friends of the Plymouth Pound P.O. Box 578 Manomet, MA  02360

Want to help Friends of the Plymouth Pound in its fundraising efforts? All you have to do is walk! It's that easy...With the Wooftrax "Walk for a Dog Program" all you have to do is go to, download the app, and start walking your way to help the homeless animals in our adoption program. "Don't just take your dog for a walk, talk your walk for a dog! The more people who download the app, the more Wooftrax donates to Friends of the Plymouth Pound

  Both Android and I-Phone apps are available now.  
Thank you to our corp. supporters..





                                                      Doctors Foster & Smith

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